A raisin liqueur made from Tannat grapes, sugar-free, for those who find sweet liqueurs cloying. A late harvest, left to macerate unpeeled until fermentation consumes as much of the sugar as possible, put in barrels for 3 years and then transferred directly to the bottle without filtering. It pairs well with indulgent, fatty desserts and cigars due to the infinite blend of aromas.

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After a dinner, lounging in a leather armchair in front of a lit fireplace while chatting in a quiet and calm setting. A wine that allows you to carry on chatting with this delicacy in one hand and a cigar in the other.


Tannat raisins


700 bottles a year, it tends to run out during winter. Consult for stock.


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From a year with heavy rainfall at the ideal moment for harvesting, we waited for the water in the grape to diminish. When we returned, the optimal harvest time had passed and we decided to wait even more, seeking an exceptional liqueur. Once harvested, each cluster was selected and destemmed and the grapes were crushed to remove all the juice. Due to its high sugar content, fermentation with native yeasts took 6 months, throughout which the must was left to soak with the grape skins. Once fermented it was placed in a new barrel and left for 3 years. 369 bottles were filled on July 2021 straight from the barrel. No sulfites, no filtering. The result is a dark wine, with a tinge of ochre indicating oxidation, and an eternal depth, aromas that stretch from chocolate, coffee, tobacco, dried apricots, plums and raisins to spices and minerals. A hint of volatile acidity heightens the sensation of the tannins and grants it a certain youth that makes it even more complex. Enjoy while relaxing.