Original Idea: the South American equivalent of Galician eau-de-vie. After wine pressing, the marc is distilled to bring out subtle, delicate scents.

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Perfect to continue that interesting, fiery, after-dinner conversation. Taken at -15 °C, straight out of the freezer. We recommend to drink coffee in between sips or shots, or to add it directly to coffee grounds while they are still hot.


Tannat Pomace.


200 bottles a year. They usually sell out in winter; check for stock.


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Keeping the ancient Galician traditions, this liquor is produced by collecting aromatic substances that are left in the grape skin. As these are highly volatile components, they are carefully selected by means of evaporation and subsequent condensation. Fresh marc is triple-distilled. First in a copper still, then followed by a second and third distillation, in stainless steel still. It is then cut in order to achieve its desired taste with underground water. For the last instance, it is aged in barrels, French and American oak of first use, for two years

The result is a young, metallic-colored, crystalline, deeply delicate aromatic and floral eau-de-vie.

The result is a young, metallic-coloured, crystalline and highly delicate aromatic Pomace Brandy, with floral undertones called Orujo. It is served at -15 °C, as an after-dinner drink, in either a tulip glass or as a shot. It can be paired with coffee or added to coffee grounds while still hot. Check for limited stock.