ORUJO DE RESERVA (Reserved Eau de Vie)

Original Idea: merging Galicia, Uruguay and France in a botlle. During the process, Eau de vie is created with a Tannat basis, and then is aged for 2 year in oak barrels.

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Una noche especial, serena, pensada con mucho tiempo, con poca gente y muchos sentimientos. Está diseñado para disfrutarlo de noche, piso de madera, chesterfield, luz tenue, platos simples de cocciones largas y sabores antiguos.


Tannat Pomace.


500 bottles a year


Personalización 100%, Precio Ex-works. Sin presentación, Presentación Arpillera, Presentación Cuero

Keeping the ancient Galician traditions, this liquor is produced by collecting aromatic substances that are left in the grape skin. As these are highly volatile components, they are carefully selected by means of evaporation and subsequent condensation. Fresh marc is triple-distilled. First in a copper still, then followed by a second and third distillation, in stainless steel still. It is then cut in order to achieve its desired taste with underground water. For the last instance, it is aged in barrels, French and American oak of first use, for two years Por último tuvo un pasaje en barricas, de roble francés y americano de primer uso, por dos años

It is served at -15 C, as an after-dinner drink, either in a tulip glass or as a shot.