PICARDÍA (Mischief)

After receiving numerous accolades at the Chardonnay du Monde contest, we sought to make a long lasting white wine with a Chardonnay base, that broke away from its traditionally robust buttery features. It is a sophisticated, endless wine, with aromas that come forth one after the other of white delicate flowers, minerals, dairy, sweet flowers, spices, white fruits, apricot, wood. A veritable surprise to the mouth, every few minutes it is as if the wine itself has completely changed.

From $13,500.00


Perfect for an intimate or romantic dinner, such as a wedding anniversary or a marriage proposal, or for celebrating the birth of relatives.




4000 bottles per year. Single vintage


Personalización 100%, Precio Ex-works. Sin presentación, Presentación Arpillera, Presentación Cuero

A design white wine, but entirely different to what one is familiar with. For the very open minded, the unaccustomed, or for those who have tried it all. The prejudiced will discard it immediately due to its golden tonality, but it finds followers among those who detest white wines. There is no middle ground with this wine, it generates a strong devotion or total rejection.

There is no middle ground with this wine, it generates a strong devotion or total rejection. A quality aged white wine, of the variety now referred to as orange wines. In 2011, with great effort, we macerated a Chardonnay 2009 over lees and in contact with oxygen of a Gewürztraminer 2011 in a vacuum that still maintained the dissolved CO2. It's important to serve at temperatures of approximately 12 °C in a wine glass of generous size. Best savoured slowly, allowing the natural raising temperature, the liberation of CO2 and contact with oxygen to demonstrate the different facets of this wine, guiding us through the aromatic sensations of white flowers, minerals, spices, dehydrated fruits and honey. In the mouth it presents itself with bright acidity at first, but as the concentration of CO2 falls it shifts to a more neutral taste, before finally giving way to a creamy sensation displaying the work over lees. These changes hold and go on for hours.

Combines splendidly with cheeses, pâté, fondue, pasta with creamy sauces, shellfish and greasy fish. There are 3333 bottles in total, 2500 liters in 0,75 L bottles.