ESPUMOSO 50 MESES (Sparkling 50 Months)

Classic French style Champagne from the second half of the 20th century. A ceremonial champagne, ideally drank slowly, enjoying each relaxed sip.

From $2,500.00


Gala dinner, throughout the meal, from start to finish. Celebrating a marriage in tranquil intimacy with your significant other. An unforgettable experience, exclusively for palates experienced in sparkling wine. For the whole gastronomic event, combines perfectly with caviar, especially dishes seasoned with payusnaya.


Chardonnay Viognier


200 750 ml bottles/year. Next edition, 2016, available on September 2021.


Personalización 100%, Precio Ex-works. Sin presentación, Presentación Arpillera, Presentación Cuero

Description: This 2015 Champagne Extra Brut sought to be the noblest of traditional French wines attainable in Uruguay with a touch of modern freshness. This is a 60% Chardonnay and 40% Viognier-based Champagne, that ferments in the bottle a second time, aged in contact with the lees for over 50 months. It was intended as a sparkling wine that can be drunk on its own, along with a meal or even a cigar. It is 100% for connoisseurs therefore only 200 bottles are produced. Disgorged upon request. Combines incredibly well with aged, blue and goat cheeses, mixed nuts, lobster, crab, oysters and caviar. We shall continue this line, each time attempting to be more noble and traditional, utilizing oak barrels and allowing for longer periods of time in contact with the lees.