EQUILIBRIO 2018 (Balance 2018)

A wine that stands the test of time, interesting today as 30 years from now. High in tannins, yet easy to drink and smooth on the palate, this Tannat becomes more rounded as time goes by.

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It's an all year round wine, at a barbecue among friends, with pasta, with pasties, at a family gathering or holiday weekend. Day or night, to be enjoyed alone or in company. It's the perfect wine for those occasions where the outcome is unknown. A casual present, when not familiar with the taste of the recipient.


Tannat – Merlot


4800 bottles/year. 2011 and 2015 vintages for sale. 2021 vintage is soon to be bottled


Personalización 100%, Precio Ex-works. Sin presentación, Presentación Arpillera, Presentación Cuero

2018 was a year of extreme drought, it almost hadn't rained during spring, the growth remained too short, there was a lack of leaves needed to reach the required minimum for a bunch to mature properly. On a regular year at Los Nadies after three cluster thinning instances, 65% of them are discarded. In 2018, 95% of the clusters were discarded, ensuring the proper maturity of the fruit. The maturity was uneven, yet with good skins, but not seeds, the grape berries dehydrated quickly. By the time of the harvest, the grapes were raisins. Native yeasts fermented the hyper concentrated sugary must in a stainless steel tank obtaining a liqueur wine with an alcohol content of over 18%. After more than a 180-day maceration process, the results were placed in two American oak barrels where it completed fermentation in September.

By the end of 2019, we sought to integrate those barrels into a blend that represents how interesting the year was. Thus a young, stylized and vibrant wine was selected, which represents the typical Uruguayan Tannat. Equilibrio 2018 is the result of a year's worth of consecutive trials.

Results: highly stable, dark in color, with thick tears running down the glass, the oxidation of the Tannat liqueur becomes visible at the meniscus. It is perceived as sophisticated, with a hint of licorice notes and a unique complexity to the sense of smell, sensing Tannat's typical identity.

Only 2500 bottles went up for sale due to the decreased output, 900 of them were already claimed since day one.