ROSADO 2021 (Rosè 2021)

A strong gastronomic rosé that reflects Los Nadies' personality and strength. It is the result of a saignée of Equilibrio 2021 grapes.

From $590.00


Día de calor, almuerzo o cena, al aire libre. Acompaña todo el evento, desde el abreboca hasta el postre. El momento ideal, es el atardecer, cuando cambia la luz y la temperatura, el Rosado 2021 acompaña bien esos cambios.


Tannat – Merlot


1300 bottles/year. Next vintage 2022.


Personalización 100%, Precio Ex-works. Sin presentación, Presentación Arpillera, Presentación Cuero

Early-hour extractions of the 2021 Tannat and Merlot harvest were placed in concrete tanks. Cofermented and lightened, it went straight to the bottle from the tank. The care in hygiene to achieve this unique wine, from such a simple process, was monumental. From the 570 bottled, only 500 bottles were put up for sale.

Results: Upon sight, the color is a mix of cherry and raspberry pink. It is totally translucent and limpid. It has a very subtle floral scent which leads to a citric, grapefruit, dried orange grind and aniseed taste in the mouth, upon a delicate sweet ripe pomegranate fragrance. The mouth is invaded by a creaminess that equilibrates the acidity and a slightly bitter ending, like the albedo of the white grapefruit, that leads to lingering finish in the mouth

The bottles contain sediment due to the simplicity by which they were bottled. If the bottle is shaken, it will cloud for a few minutes, until the sediments sit once again at the bottom of the bottle.