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EQUILIBRIO 2015 (Balance)

A stylish, Tannat-based aged wine, that can be drank before its 2011 predecessor.

From $1,650.00


A wine that can be drank as the sole wine of the day. Combines well with any dish, at any time. Awarded a double gold medal at the 2019 Sakura Awards in the A category (highest priced wines).


Tannat – Merlot – Malbec


4800 bottles/year. 2011 and 2018 vintages are also available. 2021 is about to be bottled.


100% Personalized. Burlap Presentation, Leather Presentation, No Presentation

2015 was one of the best years of the last two decades, due to the rain and sun conditions throughout the season. The Merlot is trimmed, thinned and uprooted from the high density espalier, resulting in 6.000 kg per hectare of exceptional grapes. The grapes are harvested by hand, and cooled in a reefer at 2ºC for 24 hours. In the winery, we select the clusters and grapes, then they are crushed and placed in a tank, where they bleed as much as possible, remaining the peels, seeds, pulp and a minimum trace of juice. We harvest the Tannat, selecting the clusters and grapes, adding them to the Merlot must, without being crushed or bleed. They are left to macerate below 10 ºC and fermentation begins at controlled temperatures with delicate and prolonged pumping, almost 10 times more than usual. Once fermentation is complete, it is left macerating again for a total of 68 days, more than twice the usual time. This is carried out only by two people, adjusting the protocol 2 times a day depending on the morning and afternoon tasting schedule.

Afterward, it is transferred to French, American and Hungarian oak barrels, where it remains for different lengths of time depending on the characteristics each one develops. Once this period is complete they are tasted, looking for the best proportion possible. Then the wines are properly combined adding 2% of Malbec from a century old vineyard, to be eventually bottled.

Results: A smooth and peculiar wine, that can be enjoyed at a party or at dinner, was achieved. Paired excellently with roasted lamb or stew. When taken lightly without much contemplation, it seems lean and delicate, whereas if it is analyzed and tasted correctly, it proves all its full aging potential, its firm tannins and it becomes a profound and complex wine. In March 2019, this wine was awarded a Double Gold Medal for wines above the 100 USD price point, at the largest international wine event in Asia (Sakura Awards).